No doubt 2020 has had unique challenges, but C4C is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary this year! Right now, your support is needed more than ever. Not only have we launched into a new community (Attleboro, Massachusetts) that needs significant resources, we have also pivoted to take our mentoring model completely virtual. This means an entirely new training and support model for school districts and college students. We are so excited about this opportunity, but need to invest deeply and quickly in a new way of empowering our talented and diverse college students to mentor our middle school students.

We are launching a major fundraising campaign to help us reach our goal of $400,000 by December 31, 2020. As you may know, we normally throw our annual gala, by far our most important fundraiser, at this time of year. Keeping in mind the safety of our community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host the gala this year and so we are using this campaign to appeal to our generous supporters in a different way. As with funds raised at the gala, all contributions to the campaign will directly support the operations of our programs.

Thanks to the generosity of some of C4C’s most generous supporters, we have already raised 37%! If we can reach our goal by December 31st, we will be able to serve even more students and schools in the spring semester of 2021 and also partner again with Taunton Public Schools, who made the difficult budget decision to pause all partnerships this school year.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate ten years of helping students in some of our most under served communities – and continue to serve them for years to come.

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Thank You

Dima Omran $100 In honor of Katie Sutton, close friend and a source of inspiration. Now more than ever we need to invest in a community that hasn't been given their share of social, economic, educational or political justice.

Sara and Jim Taylor

Deidre Anderson $250 In Honor of your excellent work and our friend Katie Sutton

Amy Crean $100 Love this organization and all that they’re doing to make a difference! ❤️

Michael Rand $1000

Jason Kropp

SouthCoast Community Foundation $10,000

Jennifer Vincent $25.00

Eric Schwarz $100 Love your model!

P. J. Cincotta

Ruth Spack

Daniel & Lori Andrade $25In Memory of Daniel M Andrade Merry Christmas. Keep up the great work.

Paul Tarallo $100

Arlene & Larry Rand $100 In Memory of Dennis Rand to a great and caring organization that truly helps individuals. It’s a good feeling to know you can be helping others.

Jane Feroli In honor of Dr. Lisa Battaglino and all the good she and the C4C programs have brought to the Brockton Schools.

Maia Aucoin in Honor of Dr. Lisa Battaglino

Hope Fabiani $100 Lisa, you are an inspiration!

Steven, Heather Tack $1000

Andrew & Melissa Hittle $1000

Janet Sahr $1500

Anonymous $250

Anonymous $100

Mattie Sanders $25.00

Cabot Family Foundation $20,000

Robin and Tripp Jones $100

BayCoast Bank $10,000

Bristol DA Office $30,000

Charlotte Goldberg $25.00

Sheryl Kropp In honor of Jason Kropp

Joseph Favazza $100 In honor of Stonehill College Such an important mission!

Curtis Davis $500

Gail O’Connor $250

Michael Rand $4000 You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!

Anne & Roger Berman Family Foundation $250.00

Eric Schwarz $100 Love your model!

Bob Forlenza $1,000 Great work Marquis!

Fred Davie $100

Patricia Morgan $25.00 an awesome program!

Rachel Greenberg $250

Andrew Levine $100

Charlie Miller $100 In Memory of Roger Moore

Ken Michel $500

Bob Rivers $5,000

Nicole Chang $1,500

Kevin Rodis $50

Lauren Levy $25.00

Howard London In Honor of Marquis Taylor

Michael Ditrapano $250

Alexander Meadow Jessica Kumar $100 In Honor of Pete Berman

Joe Fisher $500 In Honor of Cj Summers

Laura Discenza $50 Yes and Yes Honor of Henry Thevenin

Sara Salomon $50.00 In Honor of Pete Berman

Linda Marshall $25.00

Lisa Battaglino $500 In Honor of Gianni Martin

Marquis Taylor

Benjamin Roopenian $100

Jon Spack $100

Fish Family Foundation $375

Kevin Burns $500

Michael Harty $100

Rick Gaynor $500

Claire & Earl Reade-Steinberg $2000

The Beker Foundation $2500

The Nancy and Jeffrey Molitor Fund $750

Michael Frieze $500

Bridgewater State University $5000 In Honor of Fred Clark

Sheryl Marshall $100

Ed Cabellon In Honor of C4C

Michael Herlihy $500

Gerry Lauderdale $100

Charlie Rose $100

Don King $500

Mary Lou Jackson $500

Jeff Kublin $200

Anthony Eno $100

Anonymous $300

Michael Daly $100 In honor of #4

Kim Smith

Kevin Aguiar $50.00

Julia Devine $25.00

Patrick Brennan $500

Anonymous $500 In memory of Corey Feeley

Henry Bryant $26.00

Ellen & Chris Kobran $100

Fran Mcguirk $100 In Memory of JTM

Anonymous $2500

Michael Rand $1000

Tracy & Kevin McGovern In Honor of students served by C4C

Rebecca Zientek $25

Chris and Brandi Dean $250 In Honor of Jeremy Seidman

Elizabeth Orgel $250

Jeanne Quinn $250

Brian Fetky $100

Jackie Jenkins-Scott $100

Daniel Schwachter $250

Robert Shay $100

Laurie Berlin in Honor of Marquis Taylor $100

Earl Phalen $100

Sheila Combs $25.00

Kerry & Michael Epstein $100

Scott and Grace Shickler $337

Danny Bernstein $250.00

Christine DenBleyker Foisy $25.00

Sean Nelson $250.00

Gross Grinch $50.00

Dylan Arthurs $25.00

Brendan Dagle $50.00

Brendan Dagle $50.00

In Honor of Marquis Taylor $100

Adam Relis

Cassie Gaughan $25.00

Megan Costello $100

Alex Peselman

In Memory of Michael Fisher $1000

Anonymous $1000

Ellen Frankel $18.00

Martha Shear $100

Joshua Meyer $50.00

Loretta Holt $1500

$200 In Honor of Pete Berman

Tiffany Heckler $100

Chris J Civale $2327.50

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Mulvey $500

Kelly Dwyer $250.00

Foster Irwin $30.00

Anonymous $30,000

Michael D & Melinda Berman $10,000

Jeremy & Lorin Seidman $10,000

United Way of Greater Fall River $5,815

Honoring Ten Years of Change Agents

As part of our celebration, we are honoring key individuals and institutions that have been instrumental in positioning C4C to positively impact the lives of young people. Our honorees are listed below and we encourage you to click on their names to read about why C4C has chosen to recognize each of their contributions to our mission.

Lisa Battaglino

Dr. Lisa Battaglino, Dean Emeritus, in the College of Education & Health Sciences at BSU

Pete Berman, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of C4C


Cheryl L. Dorsey President, Echoing Green

Jude Goldman, former Executive Director, Lenny Zakim Fund

Katie Leavitt Sutton

Katie Leavitt Sutton, Owner, KLSutton Design

Matt Malone, Superintendent, Fall River Public Schools

Dana Mohler Faria

Dana Mohler-Faria, Retired, President, Bridgewater State University

Stephen Pike, Retired, SVP & Chief Lending Officer, North Easton Savings Bank

Makeda Van Horne, Teacher, Henry Lord Community School (Fall River, MA)

Bay Coast Bank

BayCoast Bank


Bristol County Savings Bank


Stonehill College

Thank You to Our Ten Year Campaign Sponsors

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Watch Our Executive Director Take the Polar Plunge – December 15, 2020

Donors contributed $30,000 to watch Marquis take a dip!