Aly Chatham

Aly Chatham, Program Director

Aly is the Program Director at C4C. In this role, she leads the execution and evaluation of the program team and facilitates collaboration across C4C’s regional hubs. She also manages partnerships with districts, schools, and community organizations, and leads training and development for mentors and coaches.

Aly graduated from Clark University with a degree in Psychology and concentrations in Peace and International Studies. She then completed a Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialization in Urban Education at Clark and during this time learned firsthand about the power of relationships and continuous feedback. From her first months in the classroom, she knew that working in education would be her “career home”. After college, Aly was a math and ELA teacher, academic and culture dean, and principal at an intentionally diverse school that committed to preparing every student to achieve their future goals. In those roles she experienced the profound impact of diverse educators who are committed to student belonging and success.

Aly is partner with Jonathon, and mom of León and Jona. She loves reading and listening to podcasts, spending time with her family, and taking advantage of everything the Ocean and Bay States have to offer!