School System Partnerships

We empower teachers to serve as instructional coaches for college and high school students.

Based on school and student needs, C4C works with schools to create a student profile. Teachers use our cross-age mentoring platform to scaffold project-based learning opportunities.  Teachers are able to design responsive lessons based on learning objectives missed in the classroom.

What does a partnership between a school system and C4C look like?

A partnership starts with a minimum of one school. C4C runs workshops and trainings for motivated and talented educators to learn, practice, and apply new leadership skills. This enables teachers to lead school-based programming that complements school-wide improvement efforts by providing targeted, small group support.


Coaching4Change uses existing resources to implement strategies and structures that allow teachers to learn, practice, and develop leadership and management skills.

  • Teacher Leadership: Teachers learn to lead targeted school improvement initiatives.

  • Community and College Collaboration: C4C recruits and trains college and high school students to serve as additional school-based support staff.

  • Align programming with school day: The C4C framework complements school goals by providing enriching experiences that achieve learning goals and by scaffolding supports to improve student growth.

  • Student Connectedness: C4C puts culture over curriculum. This focus allows teachers and students to build positive relationships with each other and their peers. We see the results reflected in improved school attendance, behavior, and grades.


How do school districts finance the partnership?

C4C has created a cost sharing agreement with school districts.
Schools cover 40%-50% of the partnership and C4C fundraises the remainder. Four major budget areas have been identified to contribute to the C4C partnership:

Title I Math/Literacy Intervention,
family engagement
Title IIa Teacher development and
support for district / coaching opportunity
Title IIIe ELL additional
21st Century
Learning Center
Out-of-School Time