About C4C


We are on a mission to implement teacher-led school improvement initiatives to support struggling students while creating a more diverse pool of future educators.


We are (re)designing how schools use after school time to support all students.
We use after school time to complement school day learning.   By tailoring our model, our partnering schools will be able to meet their goals and priorities.


Coaching4Change implements five strategies with schools and districts to structure after school time experiences.

Empowering Teachers

Teachers design responsive project-based lessons focused on missed learning objectives based on school data.

Teaching Apprenticeships

Teachers learn to be instructional coaches to aspiring educators after school.

Increasing Instruction Time

Students gain access to existing school resources while working in small group settings tailored to individual needs.

College & Career Readiness

Students are exposed to college through field trips, workshops on college campuses, and college mentors.

Family Engagement

Schools create opportunities for families and community to engage through positive interactions to demonstrate learning.

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Project Based Learning

After school activities are connected to school day teaching through project-based learning.

Structured Physical Activity

Students learn how to set goals, work together, think critically, and make decisions through structured play.

College Exposure

Students visit college campuses and learn about life after high school.

Parent Engagement

C4C showcases student work and gives parents an opportunity to have positive interactions with the school.

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